An exclusive charm & chain every month

White or yellow 14k gold-plated solid brass charms and chains from as little as £12 per month

+ Every month a few lucky people will receive
a solid gold version of the charm worth £300-500

Build Your Collection
Store your exclusive charms & chains

Build Your Collection

"One of the exciting things about the subscription are the lucky charms! The 10k specials worth between £300-£500 which we send out at random each month."

Jamie Co-founder

“We love seeing our customers add the charms to their existing jewellery. Layering them up and becoming part of the gang.”

Julie Co-Founder



We Design

Our jewellery designers craft something exclusive for you every month.

We Deliver

Our team lovingly pack each box which is then delivered straight through your door.

Build a Collection

Build an exclusive collection of charms and chains you can swap based on your mood! + you can layer them up.

Lucky Charms

You could receive a charm worth between £300-500.

Each month we make a few luxury charms. These might be solid gold or set with diamonds!

What Can I Expect?

The choice between yellow gold
and white gold.

A lovingly crafted charm and chain
every month.

A chance to receive a charm
worth £300-500.

Build a collection and swap your
charms and chains to suit your style.


  • A white or yellow gold plated sterling silver chain every month.

  • An exclusive charm every month. Our solid brass charms are plated with your choice of 14k white or yellow gold.

  • A mini jewellery box.

  • The chance to receive a charm worth £300-500 every month.

  • Ongoing subscriber perks.

Change your charm to match your mood!


Our designers trained in Antwerp & Toronto and have been practising in the art of jewellery for 20+ years.

Each original charm is carved by hand and the completed piece represents hours of meticulous fabrication.